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Sometimes a piece of wood asks to be made into a djembe or charango. Other times, ideas for instruments strike and then pieces of wood that have been stored for just the right piece are carefully selected. 


Whatever the case, each instrument is unique and made with care, using hand tools and artesanal methods.

Stringed Instruments: Guitars, Charango, Mandolin, Requinto, Cuatro Cubano

Afro-Latin Percussion: Djembe, Cajon, Conga, Bongo, Ashiko, Repenique, Surdo, Timbao, and more.

Woodwinds: Quena, Whistle, Recorder

Aluminum Surdos
Tuning Djembe
Charango with Armadillo body
Silent  Guitar
Early years.
Acoustic guitar
Putting the frets on a charango
Designing Electric Guitar
Planing electric guitar
Working on an electric guitar
Working on body of charango
Using chisel on Ronroco
In the workshop
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